Childs ‘n’ Ackerman

Darren Childs, CEO of UKTV

Steve Ackerman, Managing Director of Somethin’ Else

In this episode, we hear Darren Childs, CEO of UKTV and Steve Ackerman, Managing Director of content company Somethin’ Else, explain why a local tone of voice is vital to combatting global streaming platforms like Netflix and Apple.

We listen in as the pair discuss why brands are failing to fully optimise their involvement in TV show format; the growth of audio content, such as podcasts, and whether kids will eventually turn into their parents and sit down to watch TV in the living room. Finally, we learn, the importance of paying off the local police when broadcasting a live concert featuring Led Zeppelin and Queen in this Dog ‘n’ Bone special recorded against the backdrop of the bustling Cannes Lions festival.

About the Guests:

Darren Childs is the CEO of multichannel broadcaster UKTV, which has close to 10% market share and operates channel brands including Dave and Gold and Drama. He also serves on the Advisory Board of the Antenna Group, a media business with investments in high profile US digital companies Vice, Twitter, Spotify and Facebook, as well as European Pay TV, Broadcasting, and Radio.

Steve Ackerman is Managing Director of the award-winning content agency Somethin’ Else. The agency is the BBC’s biggest multi-platform supplier and past and present clients include Swarovski, Boots UK, Porsche and The Economist. Steve is a Fellow of The Radio Academy.

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